Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados

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The office

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Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados is the product of over thirty years of the joint endeavor of a group of professionals committed to rendering exceptional legal services.

Since 1975, the firm has dedicated itself to rendering legal and tax consulting services. Allied to this is our in-depth experience in preventive guidance and administrative and judicial defense on tax-related matters in general, particularly the more complex.

Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados prides itself on the services rendered by its highly specialized professional staff renowned for their ethical, speedy, and personal relationship with their clients.

As a result of this dedication, the office has acquired a robust reputation and credibility among its clients. It is recognized in the market for its excellence, reference, and specialization in complex tax issues, all of which add important value to its clients.

Thanks to this hard earned prestige, our firm has been repeatedly recognized by major specialist publications as one of Brazil’s leading tax Law firms.

With its principled work ethics, competence, and credibility, Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados strives always to ensure premium level guidance and the best possible defense of its clients in obtaining an efficient solution to matters intrinsic to their activities.

The quality of the services rendered is inextricably related to its members’ ongoing search for perfection. Our lawyers are encouraged take specialization courses at all levels, including masters’ degrees and doctorates. The scientific findings of several of our lawyers are regularly published and a number of these individuals are asked to teach at some of Brazil’s most prominent institutions. It is for all these reasons that so many of the firm’s clients have relied on our services for over thirty years.