Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados

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Areas of activity

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The firm′s core activity is its extremely high level specialization in tax matters.

To this end, our professionals concentrate their efforts on matters involving federal, state, and municipal taxes, specifically, income tax, social contribution on net income, IPI (Excise Tax), II (Import Tax), IE (Export Tax), contributions to PIS (Social Integration Program), COFINS (Social Contribution on Revenues), CIDE (Economic Domain Intervention Contribution), social security contributions, ICMS (State Value-Added Tax on Sales and Services) (Interstate and Intermunicipal Transportation and Communication Services), and ISS (Services Tax), among others.

The firm also renders consulting services and prepares legal opinions on Tax Law, which also includes customs and foreign trade duties. It analyzes the tax impacts on transactions involving corporate reorganizations, foreign investments, and contracts. Internally, the lawyers who work in this highly specialized environment concentrate their activities specifically in two areas: direct taxes and indirect taxes, including customs duties.

Our services also encompass administrative tax litigation at federal, state, and municipal level, at all instances of the Judiciary.